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Get ready for the ultimate hunting adventures across the United States with Bucket List Outfitters in collaboration with Lafferty Birds and Big Game! In Texas, experience thrilling hunts for whitetail deer, exotic species, and wild hogs. Head to Oklahoma for action-packed waterfowl, turkey, and deer hunts. Montana promises exhilarating pronghorn antelope, black bear, whitetail deer, and turkey hunts on expansive terrains with unbeatable success rates. New Mexico offers an adrenaline-pumping elk hunting experience with a 90% success rate for both archery and rifle enthusiasts. Each guided hunt ensures an unforgettable and successful adventure tailored just for you!​ 

Montana Hunts

Explore the vast, breathtaking landscapes of Montana with Bucket List Outfitters! With over 2.2 million acres at your disposal, the excitement never ends. Join us for an exhilarating Pronghorn Antelope hunt where you'll scout for trophy bucks with a 100% success rate over the past five years. From mid-August to the end of October, hunters can use any legal weapon to pursue their quarry. Spring brings the thrill of Black Bear hunts, and come April and May, turkey hunting is in full swing. Montana promises unforgettable hunting adventures with abundant wildlife and stunning scenery.

 *Hunts in Montana take place on the Crow Reservation and there is NO draw required! 

Idaho Hunts

Idaho offers diverse hunting experiences that will leave you craving more. Our black bear hunts are legendary, with opportunities to pursue these magnificent creatures in the spring. If you're after big game, our elk and deer hunts will not disappoint. For the ultimate adrenaline rush, try our cougar and wolf hunts. Idaho’s wilderness provides the perfect backdrop for these heart-pounding adventures, and our experienced guides ensure a successful and memorable hunt.

Texas Hunts

In Texas, the hunting opportunities are as vast as the state itself. Whether you're looking for free-range whitetail deer in Rocksprings or high-fence trophy bucks in Mountain Home, we have it all. Our exotic hunts include Axis deer, Blackbuck, Fallow deer, Oryx, and more. For those looking to test their skills, our hog and predator hunts are a must. Each location offers unique experiences, from the rugged beauty of Rocksprings to the expansive landscapes of Leakey Ranch. Texas hunts come with top-notch lodging, meals, and guiding services, ensuring a comfortable and successful hunt.

New Mexico Hunts

New Mexico is the place to be for trophy mule deer and elk. Our private land hunts in GMU 10 are known for producing massive bucks, with some scoring in the 180s and 190s. Our limited-entry hunts during the peak rut in December provide a rare opportunity to bag a trophy. For elk enthusiasts, our hunts in GMU 7 offer a high success rate, with bulls often exceeding 300 B&C. Whether you prefer archery or rifle, New Mexico's diverse terrain and abundant game promise an exhilarating hunting experience.

Oklahoma Hunts

Get ready for an adventure of a lifetime in Oklahoma with Bucket List Outfitters! Oklahoma offers exciting hunts for trophy whitetail deer, where you can chase down these elusive creatures with the guidance of seasoned experts. With prime locations and top-notch equipment, every hunt promises high success rates. Additionally, experience thrilling turkey hunts in the scenic landscapes, perfect for both novice and experienced hunters. Oklahoma's diverse game and beautiful surroundings ensure an unforgettable hunting experience.

Missouri Hunts

Missouri is a hunter's paradise, boasting over 14,000 acres of prime hunting grounds. With Bucket List Outfitters, you can embark on exhilarating free-range whitetail deer hunts, targeting some of the largest bucks in the region. With nearly two decades of guiding experience, our team knows the land and animal patterns, guaranteeing a successful and memorable hunt. Our Missouri hunts are incredibly popular, and often booked up early, so secure your spot now for a chance to experience the thrill of hunting in one of the best locations in the Midwest.

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