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  • No Smoking is allowed inside the bunkhouse, Lodge, or while hunting. You may smoke outside the Lodge or bunkhouse but please dispose of butts properly. 

  • Don’t leave anything inside the High Fence (food, trash, shell hulls, etc.), Please do your part and do not Litter.

  • No Alcohol / Medical Marijuana (must have valid license) until your Hunt is over. You may consume alcoholic beverages / Medical Marijuana at the Lodge / Bunkhouse once you are finished. If you choose to drink you are done for the day, and you will not be refunded for your choice. We want people to have fun, but not at the risk of safety to you or others. 

  • No Illegal Drugs are allowed on the premises at any time. 

  • All guns are to remain unloaded until you reach your hunting destination or unless instructed by your Guide.


  • Eye protection is mandatory while in the designated hunting area and is available for purchase.

  • Hearing protection is strongly recommended and is available to purchase. 

  • 2 ¾” shells only (NO 3” or 3.5” shells allowed) 

  • 20 gauge or smaller are preferred on Quail hunts

  • 12 gauge or smaller are preferred on Pheasant or European Hunts

  • Guns must be “plugged” on Upland and European Hunts

  • Hunter are required to wear a Hunter Orange jacket / vest and Hat while in the field.  


  • Hunting (Shooting) Hours are Sunrise to 30 min after sunset. The only exception is if you are “Night Hunting” or “Thermal” Hog hunting with a guide. 

  • Guns are only allowed to be “LOADED” inside the Designated Hunting Area or the gun range! NO “LOADED” guns in camp.  Do not shoot at anything outside the designated hunting area. You are responsible for your bullet or Arrow.

  •  .223 Caliber or larger is required for Hog Hunting. We require a .243 Caliber or larger for Deer or other Exotics. We suggest using the largest caliber you feel comfortable shooting, we do not want someone to wound an animal.

  • There is no # of bullet restrictions at the ranch, but be mindful of all your shots. You are ultimately responsible for every bullet that you fire.  

  • There is 3 arrow limit for all archery hunters. Hunter’s initials must be on fletching. If you return from your hunt with less arrows than you carried into the Designated Hunting Area, then each missing arrow will be considered a kill. If you miss and the arrow is recovered with no blood / hair / tissue on it then you will not be charged for the kill. This will be determined by the guide or Ranch Manager. 

  • If you draw Blood / Hair / Tissue it is considered a “Kill”. We will do everything in our power to retrieve the animal. Even if the animal is not retrieved, you will be responsible for the cost of that animal. 

  • Hunter agrees to Immediately notify guide after a shot has been taken (hit or miss) of any weapon. Hunter agrees to check in all harvested and/or wounded animals with their Lafferty Birds and Big Game. All wounded game (found or not found) will be paid at full price. 

  • No self-tracking. You must wait for guide to arrive before tracking begins. Night tracking will stop once blood trail ends.

  • Hunter Orange (Jacket or Vest and Hat) is required for all hunters while outside of their blind / tree stand. Hunter can remove orange once inside of their blind if they choose to. Once they get out of the blind / tree stand they must put it back on.

  • While Hog Hunting, Spot and Stalking is allowed but only between the hours of 10AM - 2PM.

  • Once you reach your Blind / Stand location, you are to remain in that spot until the Guide comes to get you. The only exceptions are to mark a hit animal retrieve an arrow, or in the event of an emergency.

​Any disregards of our rules will end your hunt immediately with no refund and you will be asked to leave. 

Please settle up your guide fees at the end of your hunt, 15% on the cost of your hunt is a good customary start. If you receive poor service contact me immediately @ 830-928-2347 I understand these rules and agree to abide by them while hunting with Lafferty Birds and Big Game. 

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